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Free Discovery Call

A complimentary 10 minute call to help you understand the paradigm of herbal medicine, what an herbalist does, and the possibilities for your health journey.

Herbal Medicine Consultation

90 Minute Initial Consultation

(on a secure virtual platform)


Personalized herbal protocol and sourcing information delivered to your inbox


Relevant food & lifestyle recommendations that align with your preferences & goals


30 Minute Follow Up Session 

to adjust formulas & address your questions


(sliding scale available, no one turned away for lack of funds)

*Cost of herbs are separate and designed to fit your budget

**Additional consultations within 6 months (beyond the initial visit/follow up) are $77

Accessible Care

Reduced and no cost access points

Tiered sliding scale consultation rates are available to all 

One no cost consultation per month is available, with priority given to BIPOC and LGBTIQA community members, contact me here for availability.

To schedule, click below

Book Now: Services

How to place yourself on a sliding scale

The full fee for an herbal consultation compensates your practitioner at a sustainable rate for the time spent in person, researching your case, and creating a customized protocol. The full fee also supports reduced rates for under resourced community members.

Full fee is recommended if you can consistently meet your basic needs (food, clothing, and housing), have access to savings or help from family, have expendable income, can regularly buy new things, and/or can take time off work when needed.

Two additional fee options are available through our commitment to keeping holistic herbal healthcare within reach. 

Tier 2 may be right for you if you sometimes struggle to meet your basic needs, have debt that prevents you from meeting those basic needs, and/or are a single parent or freelancer with limited access to savings.

Tier 1 is for you if you are frequently unable to meet your basic needs, have debt and no access to savings, and/or have unstable housing. 

Place yourself at the tier that makes this care possible for you, no questions asked.

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