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(W)Holistic Approach

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Whole plants for whole people

Wild Beyond provides you with medicinal extractions of whole plants, rather than isolated constituents that can cause unwanted side effects. You receive the benefit of many phytochemicals working collectively within customized formulas made just for you. This approach honors nature's intelligence and traditional wisdom, reflects your own wholeness, and offers increased efficacy that is nuanced and multi-layered.

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Working Together

We identify overarching patterns of harmony or disharmony in your body, mind, and spirit - which all make up your personal ecosystem.

We clarify which specific elements of your ecosystem are currently in need nurturing or feeding, and which are in need clearing or detoxifying. Our work facilitates your natural ability to heal and repair.

We discover root causes of both acute and chronic health challenges so that we may understand the language of your symptoms and bring about lasting change.

Our approach honors your experience, lifestyle, environment, current state of health, and personal definition of optimal health, as we move you toward your goals.

There is no one right way to heal.

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Amber welcomes all people and all health concerns while specializing in the following areas of focus

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/ Restore & Reset /

Get access to your energy again and build your immunity after illness, injury, over-emphasis on detoxification, or just plain burnout.

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/ Birth & Rebirth /

Return to your vitality after birth, pregnancy loss, pregnancy termination, or hormonal birth control.

Support hormone balance to overcome painful periods, fertility challenges, uncomfortable perimenopause symptoms, and disruption of postpartum healing.

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/ Emotional Balance /

Connect the dots between your physical and emotional body. Discover tools for healing.

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